PHP Strings Tutorial

PHP provides a large number of string functions. If you are just learning PHP, reading through the list in the PHP manual can be a bit daunting. This tutorial organizes the most commonly used functions into categories and demonstrates their use in common string handling tasks. We cover:

PHP String Functions

PHP string functions are listed below with brief descriptions and links to pages with more information and examples.

Function Description Page
strlen Count the number of characters in a string. Count
str_word_count Count words in a string or return array of words. Count
substr_count Count the number of times a substring occurs in a string. Count
strtolower Returns a string with all characters in lower case. Change Case
strtoupper Returns a string with all characters in upper case. Change Case
ucfirst Returns a string with the first letter in upper case. Change Case
lcfirst Returns a string with the first letter in lower case. Change Case
ucwords Returns a string with the first letter of each word in upper case. Change Case
substr Returns part of a string based on location and length. Substr
strpos Searches string; returns index location of match or false. Search
strrpos Searches for last match in string. Search
stripos Plus case insensitive versions of other search functions. Search
strstr Searches string. Returns from match to end of string. Search
strrchr Searches string from right for character. Returns from match to end. Search
str_replace Replace all instances of search string with replace string. Replace
str_ireplace Case insensitive search and replace. Replace
substr_replace Replace text at specified location in string. Replace
strtr Search and replace using key-value pairs or from-to strings. Replace
strcmp Compare two strings; return 0 if equal; >1 or <1 if not. Compare
strnatcmp String comparison using natural order algorithm. Compare
strncmp Compare initial character(s) of two strings. Compare
strcasecmp Plus case insensitive versions of other comparison functions. Compare
substr_compare Compare a string with part of another string. Compare
explode Split string into array elements on delimiter character(s). Convert
str_split Convert string to an array with elements of equal length. Convert
trim Remove whitespace or other characters from start/end of string Cleanup
rtrim rtrim/ltrim remove characters from right/left. Cleanup
strip_tags Remove HTML and PHP tags from the string. Cleanup
echo Display string. print also. Display
word_wrap Control line wrapping in string. Display
nl2br Convert new lines in string to <br /> tag. Display
number_format Format number with thousands separator and decimal places. Display
var_dump Display data, including value, data type, and length. Display

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