JavaScript and PHP Tutorials and Scripts

PHP, JavaScript, and JSON

This multi-part tutorial on PHP-JavaScript interactions describes and demonstrates the old-school approaches as well as JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). We cover JSON functions and methods provided for both PHP and JavaScript: json_encode and json_decode, JSON.stringify and JSON.parse, and more. Numerous examples and a download file are provided. Read On

Cross-Document Communication

Find out how to communicate from one document to another when using iframes. Examples show how to reference the iframe and the document inside it, how to access the containing document from within the iframe, and how to communicate from one iframed document to another. Read On

Iframes and postMessage

Find out how to use the postMessage method for cross-domain communication with iframes. Examples show how to interact with a hidden iframe on another domain, how to set the height of an iframe cross-domain, and more. Read On

Hands-On Ajax

Do you feel a need to rely on jQuery to handle an Ajax request? Find out how to use XMLHttpRequest for GET and POST requests. It's easier than you might think! See also how to use JSON with Ajax. Read On

More JavaScript Tutorials

We have a growing collection of JavaScript tutorials. We cover JavaScript Arrays, JavaScript Strings, and Data Type and Type Conversion in JavaScript. Check out our popular Object Literals Tutorial, JavaScript and Forms Tutorial, and JavaScript and Iframes Tutorial. Read On

PHP Scripts and Tutorials

See our PHP Form Class, PHP Table Class, and the PHP Order Forms that put them to combined use. See our ever-expanding collection of PHP tutorials: PHP Arrays, PHP Strings, and Data Type and Type Conversion in PHP. Read On