Instructions in Brief

Include both an iframe and a display div in your markup as the following demonstrates:

<div id="display"></div>

<iframe id="buffer" name="buffer" src="intro.html"

For accessibility, iframe styles can be written using JavaScript, and target attributes can be included in the links:

<a href="yourpage.html" target="buffer">link</a>

Include a script tag for the small external JavaScript file, dw_loader.js. That file includes the following settings and options:

loadMsg: 'Retrieving data ...',
displayID: 'display', // default id for display div
iframeID: 'buffer', // default id for hidden iframe
bReplace: false, // to use location.replace (no history support)
bScrollToTop: false, // page scroll to top when new content is loaded?

Here is an example link with the onclick attribute and optional parameters:

<a href="yourpage.html" target="buffer"
  onclick="return dw_Loader.load(this.href, 
    'ifrm', // iframe id
    'ifrmDiv', // id of div where iframe contents displayed
    ifrmCallback // function to call after contents transferred to div

A demo is included in the download file. The code has been tested successfully on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 5.5+, Opera and Safari.