Images or Images and Text in Tooltips

The JavaScript Tooltip is well-suited for display of images or images with text. Hover over the dash-underlined text in the following list to see this demonstrated.

  • Tooltip with image.
  • Tooltip with image over text; another with text over image.
  • Tooltip with image and text side by side; another including a caption.
  • Large sticky tooltip with image, caption, and text description.

Tooltip Features for Images and Images with Text

As you can see from the above demonstration, you can control the width and other styles used for the tooltip. The JavaScript Tooltip provides formatting functions for use with images as well as images with text. The documentation provides information about these functions. Examples in the download file demonstrate their use.

The JavaScript Tooltip is designed to support large images. The code will continue to adjust the position while the image is loading. Positioning options give you control over where tooltips will display.