JavaScript Tooltips

The JavaScript Tooltip is lightweight, object based, and avoids the use of global variables. It offers flexible control of positioning and formatting. More tooltip features are described and demonstrated[1] in the list below.

Note to Touch Device Users

Tooltips are not enabled for touch devices on this page. The JavaScript Tooltip supports touch, but not all tooltip implementations make sense for touch screens.

For more information see the footnote below and the documentation. To see the JavaScript Tooltip demonstrated on your touch device, view the demos listed on the upper right and Tooltips and Touch Devices.

  • The tooltip can be activated onmouseover or onclick.
  • Tooltip content can be held in a variable, obtained via Ajax, or it can come from HTML elements in the page.
  • Tooltip content can include images, images with text, and a caption as well as other rich HTML.
  • The tooltip can contain clickable links using a hoverable option.
  • The tooltip can be "sticky" or hidden after a specified duration.
  • The tooltip uses unobtrusive event handling.
  • The tooltip provides accessibility and device independent features.

The JavaScript Tooltip is known to work for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 6+, Opera, and Safari. The code also works for Safari on iPhone/iPad and a variety of browsers on Android.

Documentation, Demos, and Download

Documentation provides basic instructions as well as information on more advanced features. The JavaScript Tooltips download file includes example documents demonstrating the features listed above. The online examples are listed on the upper right.

  1. Touchscreen users will not see the tooltips on this page. Even though the JavaScript Tooltip provides support for touch devices when appropriate, links for navigation that display a tooltip on mouseover don't make sense on a touch device. See the Tooltip Demos listed on the upper right, Tooltips and Touch Devices, and the documentation for demonstration and more information about tooltip support for touch devices. ^