Scroll Div Content Using JavaScript

The Scrolling Divs JavaScript supports both horizontal and vertical scrolling. Mouseover or mousedown scroll images can be provided along with a scrollbar designed using the graphics and styles of your choice.

Scrolling Divs JavaScript features include:

  • Support for touch, mouseover, mousedown, mousewheel, and keyboard scrolling.
  • Support for multiple scroll areas in a document.
  • Ability to scroll onclick or onload to elements using IDs.
  • Dynamic update capabilities: support for content changes using Ajax, DOM methods, or innerHTML.
  • Ability to hide scroll controls when not needed for scrolling.
  • Support for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 6+, Opera, Safari, iPhone, iPad, and Android browsers.

Documentation, Demos, and Download

Documentation provides basic instructions as well as information on more advanced features. The Scrolling Divs JavaScript download file includes example documents demonstrating the features listed above. The online examples are listed on the upper right.