Scroll Divs using JavaScript

The Scrolling Divs JavaScript can include custom scrollbars set up using the styles and graphics of your choice. Scrolling can be vertical and/or horizontal. Touch, mouseover, mousedown, mousewheel and keyboard scrolling are all supported. Multiple scroll areas can be included in a document.

The Scrolling Divs JavaScript provides dynamic update capabilities. Whether you want to swap new content into scroll areas, replacing it with content in previously hidden divs on the page, or toggle display of elements within scroll areas, add or remove content, modify using ajax or other means, the code can accommodate these changes.

The Scrolling Divs JavaScript also allows you to automatically hide scrollbars or scroll links when content is insufficient to necessitate scrolling. You can also scroll to elements with specific ids in the content area, onclick or onload.

The Scrolling Divs code supports Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, iPhone, iPad, and should also support any other relatively up-to-date browser. Comprehensive documentation is provided, as is a download file containing several example documents. The online examples are listed on the upper right.