Terms of Use

The terms under which you may use scripts and other content from dyn-web.com are as follows:

  1. The copyright notice at the top of external JavaScript files must remain in place in its entirety. If you modify the code you must still acknowledge its origin by retaining the original copyright notice.
  2. You may not "hotlink" to js, css, image, or any other files on dyn-web's server.
  3. You may not include code from dyn-web in a script archive without permission from the author. You may not repost dyn-web code for download by others.
  4. No guarantee is made in regards to dyn-web code. We test extensively and try to provide problem-free code with plenty of instructions. However, we are not to be held responsible if you are not successful in implementing code from dyn-web or if problems arise as a result of use of our code.