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  • Presenting scripts that are lightweight, unobtrusive and well-documented.
  • Providing tutorials with practical problem-solving information.

Top JavaScripts

The Scrolling Divs JavaScript supports vertical and horizontal scrolling, custom scrollbars, touch devices, keyboard scrolling and other accessibility features. The code can accommodate changes in size and amount of content. It supports ajax and toggling visibility of nested content.

The JavaScript Tooltip can be activated on mouseover or onclick and includes support for touch devices. The code provides many options, allowing you to control position, styles, display images, images with text, include clickable links, use ajax and much more.

See also our scrollers, sliders, popups, image rotators and more.

Top Tutorials

The JavaScript and Iframes tutorial provides information and examples for interacting with iframes. It covers the basics and more advanced uses, including setting iframe height equal to document height, uses for hidden iframes and more. It includes information about cross-browser object references and the same origin policy.

The JavaScript Object Literals tutorial provides an introduction to the syntax and uses for object literals in unobtrusive JavaScript. It includes information for troubleshooting and adding new properties to an existing object.

See a full description of these and other tutorials.


The PHP Form Class and PHP Table Class are lightweight classes that provide an easy way to separate logic from markup when generating HTML forms and tables, for example, from array data or query results. The PHP Order Form demonstrates use of both these classes.

See also the PHP to JavaScript tutorial and more PHP scripts.

JavaScript How-tos

Find out how to accomplish common tasks in client-side JavaScript in this section of the site. Information and JavaScript is provided to obtain window dimensions, determine the amount a page has been scrolled, determine the location of an element or an event on the page, and more.

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