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  • Presenting scripts that are lightweight, unobtrusive and well-documented.
  • Providing tutorials with practical problem-solving information.

Top Tutorials

JavaScript and Iframes provides practical information and examples, from basic to advanced, including: setting iframe height, cross-document references, dynamically generating an iframe, loading new documents, iframe onload event, and more.

JavaScript Object Literals provides a definition, examples, syntax rules, and the means of accessing, adding and modifying properties.

PHP to JavaScript shows how to pass variables and arrays from PHP to JavaScript. The tutorial provides information on JavaScript Object Notation, and examples demonstrating PHP's json_encode and JavaScript's JSON.parse.

Top JavaScripts

Scrolling Divs JavaScript supports vertical and horizontal scrolling, custom scrollbars, touch devices, keyboard scrolling, ajax, dynamic updates, and more.

JavaScript Tooltip supports onmouseover or onclick activation, touch devices, ajax, images, images with text, clickable links, positioning and style options, and more.

Scrollers, or carousels, scroll automatically: horizontally or vertically, continuously or pausing, images or text.

See also: Slider, Popup, Image Rotator, Banner Rotator, and more.


PHP Form Class is a lightweight, flexible class for generating (x)html forms.

PHP Table Class generates html tables; use it to separate logic from markup when outputting mysql query results or displaying elements of arrays.

PHP Order Forms are built using the PHP Form Class and PHP Table Class.

PHP Random Image displays an image selected at random from a directory listing.

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