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Latest Additions and Updates

Cross-Document Communication: This portion of the JavaScript and Iframes Tutorial has been expanded to demonstrate more clearly how you communicate from one document to another when using iframes. Examples show how to reference the iframe and the document inside it, how to access the containing document from within the iframe, and how to communicate from one iframed document to another. Read On

PHP to JavaScript Examples: We have added more examples and in-depth information throughout our PHP to JavaScript Tutorial. See the updated presentation on the use of PHP's json_encode with multidimensional arrays, the use of a reviver function with JavaScript's JSON.parse, and more. Read On

JavaScript Form Event Handling: This recent addition to our JavaScript and Forms Tutorial discusses various approaches to assigning event handler functions to forms and form elements in JavaScript. Read about why you might choose one approach over another, and see examples that demonstrate the differences in access to form and event properties inside event handler functions. Read On


Forms Referencing: Obtaining references to forms and form elements may not seem like a very exciting topic, but it is an important one. There are many different approaches to forms referencing, and some of them might best be left to the dustbin of history. Check out this portion of the JavaScript and Forms Tutorial to be sure you are not using one of them. Read On